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Thermoeyes™️ resuable heat/cold packs boost the benefits of the tranquileyes eye hydrating therapy. Thermoeyes tuck inside the tranquileyes goggle and can be used with or without added moisture. The instant thermoeyes contain a stainless steel disc inside the packet that can be snapped back and forth to instantly generate almost 100 degrees of heat for an 18-20 minute warm compress. After the thermoeyes have cooled down, they will get hard. At that point, they can be placed into boiling water for three-five minutes, which will return them to a gel-like state, and they can be used again. They can be used and reset approximately 100 times. The instant thermoeyes can also be frozen to create 10-15 minute cold compresses to reduce inflammation and lid puffiness.

This replacement canister contains two sets of instant thermoeyes gel packs and two sets of foam covering for the thermoeyes.  


Donna king 08/09/2021

Thermoeyes instant

I’m confused about the “instant blue gel packs”. What is instant about them after the first use. To reset the packs one must boil
The hardened packs for 3-5 minutes , and wait for them to cool for approximately 30 minutes. That instant part is rubbish! Huge waste of money, and the bead packets will not stay warm. Both types ok for cold packs.

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    thermoeyes™️ - Instant

    thermoeyes™️ - Instant

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