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The tranquileyes™️  Mini Kit includes: a mini stainless steel travel canister, one pair of standard-sized tranquileyes with fabric-lined foam and a manual. (The set of foam eye cushions and moisture pads included with the tranquileyes will last for approximately 60 uses or treatments.)

The Mini kit is ideal for a spare or travel pair of tranquileyes. The name 'Mini' refers to the size of the canister and not the size of the goggle.

Tranquileyes™️ eye hydrating therapy is a natural way to bring immediate and lasting relief to dry, irritated eyes. The primary component of the tranquileyes system is a soft, flexible eye cover (goggle) made from a medical grade, flexible rubber material that is FDA approved. Adhered to the goggle are two eye cushions made from visco-elastic foam that are specially designed to form to the face when warmed by body heat, which helps control the temperature and humidity around the eyes. Inside each side of the eye cover is a moisture pad made from the same visco-elastic foam as the outside cushions. The moisture pads are designed to be removed from the eye cover, placed in warm or cold water, and then inserted back into the eye cover. When used with warm water, tranquileyes help stimulate tear production and prevent the evaporation of natural and/or artificial tears. When used with cold water, tranquileyes help soothe mild puffy eyes. The system can also be used simply to create complete darkness and protect the ocular surface at night.  


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Mini Kit

Mini Kit

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