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Bionic Thumb Tool

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ManufacturerBionic Thumb Tools
ColorStainless Steel
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The Bionic Thumb Tool is a revolutionary new frame bending tool.  It is made from 1/8" thick by 5/8" wide stainless steel with durable suede bending surfaces. It is the perfect tool for bending temples, eyewires, and endpieces. You can use the large radius over your thumb or index finger for total control of your adjustments. You can use the smaller radius for tighter bends on thinner, more flexible frames.  It may also be used as a guard to prevent accidental screwdriver stabbings.

For a video tutorial on how to use the Bionic Thumb, please click here.


Kelly Behrends 05/19/2017

Optician-SIGMA Eyehealth Centers

I use mine daily.... Very versatile.... Highly recommend this tool...!

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    Bionic Thumb Tool

    Bionic Thumb Tool

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