OPTASE® HYLO Night™ Eye Ointment

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ManufacturerScope Health Inc.
Exp. Date3/25
Size5 gm (approximately 300 applications)
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HYDRATE: OPTASE® HYLO Night™ Eye Ointment

A preservative free and well tolerated solution to night-time dry eye. Marketed as VitA-POS and HYLO Night™ in Europe. Now available in the US.

Product Information

Provides up to 6 hours comfort & relief for night-time soothing
Eye ointment using light liquid paraffin and Vitamin A as an inactive ingredient
Preservative free and phosphate free for frequent use without irritation
6 months sterility from time of opening
300 applications in a 5g tube
Always read the label and instructions for use

How it Works:

OPTASE® HYLO Night™ relieves symptoms of burning, itching, dry eyes by forming a comfortable long-lasting protective film on the eyes.
OPTASE® HYLO Night™ is a soft and consistent ointment containing Vitamin A as the inactive ingredient to help improve the tear film and protects the surface of the eye.
OPTASE® HYLO Night™ is well tolerated and blends well with the existing tear film.


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OPTASE® HYLO Night™ Eye Ointment

OPTASE® HYLO Night™ Eye Ointment

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