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Opti-Cide ³® Surface Wipes

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Size7" X 10" Wipes
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Opti-Cide ³® is an accelerated, ready-to-use disinfectant, decontaminant and cleaner that is safe for use on inanimate surfaces including plastics, stainless steel, chrome, acrylic, glass, and baked-on painted surfaces. Opti-Cide ³® leaves no hazardous chemical residue when used as directed, contains no dangerous phenols, chlorine, artificial dyes or perfumes, and requires no special precautions or personal protection attire. Opti-Cide ³® completely kills infectious disease causing microorganisms within 3 minutes, including: gram positive and gram negative bacteria, viruses (hydrophilic and lypophilic), and pathogenic fungi.

Opti-Cide Surface Wipes can be found on the EPA's  List N for use as a Covid-19 disinfectant.


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Opti-Cide ³® Surface Wipes

Opti-Cide ³® Surface Wipes

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