Glasses Board Book

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AgesBabies & Toddlers
AuthorAnn Gwinn Zawistoski
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Glasses is a board book that celebrates the role of glasses in a young child’s life.  Your youngest patients who need glasses will love to see this book in your waiting room or kids' play area.  It would also make a great gift for a young child who wears glasses.

Glasses features photographs of real children in glasses, playing and having fun. The short and easy lap read includes delightful rhyming text, “Glasses for you, glasses for me, I love that your glasses help you to see!”

Author Ann Zawistoski, founder of the popular website, Little Four Eyes, wrote the book based on her experiences as a mother of a young toddler who needed glasses, and from the feedback she heard from thousands of other parents who have shared their personal stories.  “As a librarian, I turn to books for comfort and to help me process new situations.” says author Ann Zawistoski. “So when Zoe got glasses at a year old, I looked for a book about glasses that Zoe might enjoy. I found very little. There’s some great books out there for kids in glasses, but most involve situations that toddlers just aren’t likely to encounter, like being in school, or having kids tease you. I really wanted to find a book that was simple and positive.”

The book features children who actually wear prescription eyewear, who volunteered when Ann reached to readers of Little Four Eyes.  All the children were photographed in a real preschool as they played together.  With its vivid images of smiling faces, Glasses provides an authentic, inclusive experience for the kids reading it, from babies to preschoolers.


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Glasses Board Book

Glasses Board Book

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